The ultimate alert notification app Start now! KEY FEATURES The first and only push-notifications app,
especially designed for monitoring systems

App available for iPhone and iPad Download from Apple App Store

So easy to use

For receiving: Download the ZBXalert app from the App Store and install. Open the app, register (a user) and log in. Provide AccountID to sender, ready to use!

For sending: Register a user via API or on the internet via AccountAdmin, download ZBXsend sending tool (or use command line tools e.g. wget, curl), send notification

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Key Features

With our tool ZBXalert all incoming alert notifications can easily be structured. You will no longer lose the overview over or miss received notifications even if you are receiving plenty of notifications

Clear interface

All alert notifications are clearly shown

Free updates

All future updates of our app will be available free of charge in the app store

Easy to use

The use of app is very intuitive, there is no training necessary

Email support

Free email support is included

One account, many receivers

You can use one account on several iPhones/iPads simultaneously

Acknowledge notifications

Notifications can be acknowledged via app in real time


A push-notification will be sent immediately after receiving a alert notification


All devices registered under the same account will be synchronized in real-time

With security

All messages will be stored encrypted in the database and can only be decrypted by the receiver. (AES256 combined with public key/private key technique). To allow end-to-end encryption, alert notifications can be encrypted and sent with our ZBXsend sending tool. If you are using other clients, the alert notification will be sent over a https-secured connection with the interface (API) and also encrypted and stored there.


Fast installation

The app as well as the sending-tool can quickly be installed and set-up. The sending and recieving of notification is therefore possible within a few minutes. If you are planning to use the reverse channel for accepting alerts, you will have to install the ZBXconnector. The installation and configuration of the ZBXconnector also takes just a few minutes.



Every account has its own personal Dashboard. Your personal Dashboard gives you a detailed summary of all counters and sent/received notifications. You also can change your profile and manage your subscriptions.


Get statistics for your sent/received notifications. Check out how many notifications you sent/received for each severity per day.


The most important questions are answered very quickly. Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions. More answers you can find on the support page.

At the moment this app is only available for IOS. We are currently working on version for Android and Windows phones and it will be released soon.

Not necessarily. If for example a team works with the same alert notifications it is useful that all their devices are registered with the same account. Therefore it is ensured that all team members will see the same notifications. If it is necessary that different sets of alert notifications should be received with more different devices, an equivalent amount of accounts would be needed.

Only one account can be active for every device, therefore only the push-notifications of this account will be shown

The app itself is free of charge. As the development and operation of this high-performance backend unfortunately cannot be provided for free, we are charging a small fee for the receiving of notifications. The fee can be paid via InApp purchase. The price is calculated based on the number of users and the related volume.

With the InApp purchases you can also subscribe to our services. Those subscriptions also offer a price advantage compared to the prepaid packages.

This app is not limited to the use of a particular software. Over our API alert notifications can be sent with any desired tool that allows JSON-Requests. With curl and wget, for example as well as with programming languages like Perl, HTTP sending notifications is possible.

While sending a alert notification a message-ID as well as the status will be returned. With this message-ID the sender can check the actual status of the notification, e.g. if it has been received, read or deleted.

Do you have further questions?

Please refer to our documentation



App available for iPhone and iPad

The app will also be avaible für Android and Windows phones soon